"Tablet Time Attendance | 4g Time Clock - Punch Clock"
Less RMAs
Hate RMAs? We do too! With the solid build quality of the new iPad, you will rarely have issues with the device. If you do, Apple has an incredible support program to assist if anything were to happen.
No more "buddy punching"
Whether your employees choose KEYPAD or FACE RECOGNITION (Coming Soon!), we have implemented features within the app to prevent the abuse of employees punching in for other employees.
Ease of use
We've designed the app to be very user friendly. Navigation from menu to menu is as simple as it gets.
With traditional time clocks, what you get is what you get. With our solution, you can customize additional punch options to meet your company's specific needs. This is a first in the Time and Attendance industry.
Powerful built-in apps
Pre-built in the new iPad are some very useful apps. For example, use Facetime to connect managers/employees with another if you have multiple iPads deployed throughout your company. What's more effective than face-to-face communication?
Integrated solution
We have the ability to integrate the TabletPunch solution to many different T&A systems. Integration means your employees have access to YOUR departments, YOUR jobs, etc.
Fast and easy setup
Once you have your new iPad setup on your wireless network, you are almost in business. Just configure the app with some server information - then you are good to go!
Future enhancements
We strive to make the app as useful to our clients as possible. We will be providing updates to our app each year - so you will have a continuously improving system.